International Day Against DRM 2016

Natale Vinto ebballon at
Sat Apr 9 16:59:07 UTC 2016

Hello folks,
my name is Natale, I'm a free software supporter and I write you
because I saw also FSFE involved in the anti-DRM cause and I would
like you guys join us in Italy for an event we would like to organize
for this International Day Against DRM.

Latest year we did in Milan an 8-bit party to promote the event [1],
we would like to repeat it joining two important causes: digital
rights restriction with DRM products and human rights violation with
Spy-software, malicious and moreover mostly committed for bad purpose,
as we recently discovered [2]

That journey would be a "No-DRM No-Spy" event to inform people about
those threats, also with an 8-bit party, with Game Over Milano [3]
support, promoted also by folks from FSF. What do you think about it?
Could be good idea? In case, would you like to help us realizing and
promoting it? :)



Natale Vinto
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