Publicly financed software released as Free Software

Polina Malaja polina at
Fri Apr 8 14:33:00 UTC 2016

Dear all,

Currently we are collecting positive policies and examples of "publicly
financed software published as Free Software" across different countries
in Europe and beyond.

Along with the US Source Code Policy (draft), it also includes such
examples as considering source code developed by or for public
administrations to be public information (draft law and recent case law
in France), or Polish new eGovernment strategy that recommends
publishing publicly financed software under a Free Software licence.

For more information, please see the wiki page[^1].

However, most of the information included there is based on the
information found in English, and therefore, I would like to ask your
help to update the page and include or point to positive policies and
examples of *publicly funded software released as Free Software* found
in your countries.

For example, I would be interested in knowing more information about
German tax software ELSTER and its status, or about Swiss OpenJustitia
and the current legal situation around it.

However, I would appreciate any help in updating the overview on the
page concerning any country in Europe or elsewhere.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Kind regards,



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