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↪ 2015-09-25 Fri 15:55, Sam Liddicott <sam at>:
> On Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 3:06 PM, Hugo Roy <hugo at> wrote:
> > More precisely for software, the rights to reproduce, to adapt as well
> > as the right to distribute forms of the software are restricted
> > activities (see EU directive 91/250, article 4).
> Interesting. I'm not personally subject to EU directives.

This is more or less the same in almost all countries. I have given
the EU directives examples because they are the most probably
applicable to you in Europe. 

> I'm now trying to find out if any members states have implemented it yet.

This is European Union law since 1991. This has been implemented
already for a long time. (The 2009 directive is just a
re-codification, it does not change substantial legislation).

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