Copyrighted statues in Helsinki?

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Fri Sep 18 21:13:02 UTC 2015


Thanks for all your help. I have described the situation in the blog

I think more people shall be aware of the panorama freedom issues. In
fact is does not help to promote Finnish works of art in international
level (tried to summarize my points at the end of the post).

I am not sure this issue fits into FSFE scope (as it is not about
software per se) but I hope it can be something to consider for
political activists like pirate party etc.

2015-09-09 13:54 GMT+03:00 Hugo Roy <hugo at>:
> ↪ 2015-09-09 Wed 12:44, Alessandro Rubini <rubini at>:
>> > It would of course also be ok to upload photos of monuments if the
>> > copyright has expired, i.e. 70 years after the creator has died.
>> True, and let me note how this is an incentive to kill architects and
>> artists (and authors in general).
>> A few months ago my local newspaper celebrated the liberation of "The
>> Little Prince" (Le Petit Prince), organizing a contest for pupils,
>> like "redraw and rewrite your own little prince".  The message to me
>> was "we are all happy the author was shot 70 years ago", but very few
>> noted that.
>> There's something awfully wrong in our rule-set.
>> /alessandro
> The most absurd part of this, is that in France, this is still not in
> the public domain because Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was declared “dead
> for France” and thus the duration of the author’s rights on his works
> last longer.

WBR & WBW, Vitaly

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