Questions about checking free hardware

davide at davide at
Wed Sep 16 12:29:48 UTC 2015

Il 2015-09-16 12:51 Paul van der Vlis ha scritto:


>> There are no drawings involved, as far as I know. Any drawing is an
>> intermediate object file, thus not important in the overall design
>> flow.
> What I mean are the "sources". I see often the term "Verilog".
> Maybe HDL is the correct name.

Verilog and VHDL are languages for describing hardware. They are used to 
synthesize hardware in the same way as source code is compiled in object 


> My question is in other words, maybe still not perfect: are there ways
> to check if a physical object is the working-out of a HDL?

Is there a way to check if object code is working-out of a C++ source 


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