Copyrighted statues in Helsinki?

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Sun Sep 6 08:21:31 UTC 2015


Am 2015-09-06 um 00:55 schrieb Paul Boddie:
> This came up recently in the context of European harmonisation, and Wikipedia 
> provides more information on the following page:

... and even more information here:

In short: the creator of a piece of art generally holds copyright
(actually more like "author's right") on the work, and distribution of
any reproduction of the work (like a photograph of it) requires his/her
consent. In many countries, there is an exception for works in public
places, which is called "Freedom of Panorama".

In Finland, the exception only covers
a) buildings and
b) other works only for non-commercial purposes.

Since Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons explicity require permission to
use for commercial uses, too, b) can't be applied for Commons.

I guess we all consider this a rather stupid rule, however there are
coutries where it's far worse, for example in France.


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