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Thu Oct 22 21:10:10 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Just noticed this thread in my mailbox and I can attest to this
situation, having spent about half an hour failing to get a foss
pdf-reader working on Mac OS X.

I guess Vindaloo as listed has been merged with Apple preview (as it can
display pdf files as well). I tried getting the options to work as
listed, and using the options via AlternativeTo

I got the best experience with Skim, which I could just install via
homebrew (like apt-get to avoid using the App Store).

I'm not sure how to go about this:
- Skim is BSD licensed, not listed, but from my experience the easiest
(the only one) to install.
- The other readers have seemed to have been abandoned, making it
difficult to install (if anyone can succeed at all).
> Is the webpage intended as a list of all options, as a list of the
most free tools, or as the easiest to get going, or even something else?

I'd be happy to add a listing for Skim if that is desirable, and even
testdrive any Mac OS X software options.

Kind regards,
Nico (NL)
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