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Mon Oct 19 15:49:07 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Am 15.10.2015 um 14:29 schrieb Matthias Kirschner:
> * Simon Josefsson <simon at> [2015-10-13 08:53:18 +0200]:
>> When I point them directly towards SumatraPDF they are happy (until
>> they want the "Print-To-PDF" feature).  Would you consider dropping
>> the "Windows" links for PDF readers that doesn't have supported
>> Windows downloads?  I think this would be an overall improvement to
>> the site.

I second this. It's one of the first programs I install on Windows
environments. Small and does what it's expected to do.

I tried evince once but that was long ago and I wouldn't recommend a
software which hasn't been updated for more than four years.

About "print to pdf": Most people I know use PDFCreator for that. Just
be sure not to install any malware with it. "I LOVE Windows"™.

Best wishes

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