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Fri Oct 16 14:26:59 UTC 2015

Repentinus <repentinus-VaTbYqLCNhc at> writes:

> On 10/15/2015 12:29 PM, Matthias Kirschner wrote:
>> Have others here tested Okular and Evince on Windows lately? 
> I am using Evince in my VirtualBox installation of Windows 7 when I need
> to use some specialist software. I am very happy with Evince.

Are you using the 2.32 release from 2011?

I recall having problems getting that installed on more than one system,
but it might have to do with those systems.  Also, there have been some
security issues in Evince since then, although I'm not confident they
affect the Windows build although it seems prudent to assume so without
any other information.

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