Open Knowledge Policies: Science in EU

Andrés Muñiz Piniella a75576 at
Wed Oct 14 22:54:31 UTC 2015

Dear all,

First I would like to congratulate FSFE as they are mentioned as a group to consult with in the document regarding Climate Change Guidelines for open knowledge [1] with what regards software in science.

Next week there is a symposium that will be held in Viena registration seems to be still open [2] to discuss policies on open knowledge. It seems to be open for anybody to attend, so if in Vienna next week maybe it is interesting. Sadly I will not be attending but was asked to review the documents found in [1] to see if there was anything I could input. A quick word search for software and open document format shows some promising results, even the mention of software freedom (not gratis or open source). But maybe I am being naïve. I will have a deeper look over the weekend. If any of you is willing to have a look and feedback I would appreciate!

The interesting thing seems that the JPI for climate change starts this open knowledge guidelines and it is later adapted to other joint program initiatives (JPI) such as Oceans or Water. Which could have a snow ball effect across EU?

UK seems to be mentioned as an example.

So again, if any of you have comments on the pdf documents found in [1] I would like to hear from you. Mainly about software freedom and open document formats treated as first class citizens, but I am open to any other discussion (but I guess the others will be off list). 



Richmond Makerlabs
Ham United Group

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