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Matthias Kirschner mk at fsfe.org
Tue Oct 13 06:39:30 UTC 2015

Today we finally ended the PDFreaders campaign. Thanks to all of you who
helped to make this campaign a success!!!

Best Regards,

* press at fsfeurope.org <press at fsfeurope.org> [2015-10-13 07:54:16 +0200]:

>  = FSFE convinces 1125 public administrations to remove proprietary software advertisements =
> [ Read online: https://fsfe.org/news/2015/news-20151013-01.en.html ]
> After six years of activity, the PDFreaders campaign[1] is coming to a
> close this month as one of our most successful campaigns.
> The campaign began in 2009 with the intent of removing advertisements
> for proprietary PDF reader software from public institutions' websites.
> To start it all off, volunteers submitted 2104 "bugs", or instances of
> proprietary PDF software being directly promoted by public authorities,
> and the FSFE listed[2] them online. Since then, hundreds of Free
> Software activists took action by writing to the relevant public
> institutions and calling for changes to their websites. We received a
> lot of positive feedback from the institutions thanking us for our
> letters, and to date, 1125 out of the 2104 websites (53%) edited their
> websites by removing links to proprietary PDF readers, or adding links
> to Free Software PDF readers.
> In addition to writing letters, FSFE also collected signatures for a
> petition calling for an end to advertisement for proprietary software
> products on government websites[3]. 90 organizations, 63 businesses, and
> 2731 individuals signed this petition.
> Furthermore, we were able to push for change at both national and
> international levels.
> - In Germany, national parties[4] gave statements in favor of free PDF
>   readers and the German Government itself has recommended the usage of
>   our text snippet in their migration guide[5]. FSFE's coordinator for
>   Germany, Max Mehl, covers it[6] in more detail on his blog.
> - In the EU: the European Parliament directly asked[7] the European
>   Commission what were the reasons for advertising a specific software
>   and which steps were taken to solve this problem.
> - In 2011 one of our pdfreaders.org coordinators, Hannes Hauswedell, was
>   in contact with Google[8], asking them to release the PDF reader
>   included in their Chrome browser as Free Software. Finally, in May
>   2014, the pdfium sources were published openly[9], and while FSFE's
>   enquiry might not have been the only reason they were released, it
>   marks an important change for the widespread adoption of Free Software
>   PDF readers.
>     "This success would not have been possible without the help and hard
>     work from our volunteers and the support from our donors. *Thank
>     you!* While many public and private web-sites still promote
>     proprietary readers, the level of awareness has changed
>     significantly during our campaign and now it should be much easier
>     for you to approach the remaining web-site administrators. Also most
>     internet users today already use Free Software when they open a PDF
>     file in their browser -- a huge difference from 2009!" says Hannes
>     Hauswedell who started the campaign. "Of course work still remains
>     and we invite you to keep on reminding (public) administrators to
>     use Open Standards and not recommend proprietary software. And with
>     your support, we too, will continue to fight for a web that respects
>     its users' privacy and freedom!"
> To get involved[10] you can use our sample letter[11] to send to the
> relevant public administration, or you can write one of your own. Just
> make sure to include where to find a list of Free Software PDF
> readers[12] that could replace the link from their website.
> A special thanks again to the activists, volunteers, and donors who
> helped make this campaign a success!
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