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Samuel Caraliu scaraliu at
Mon Oct 5 15:26:22 UTC 2015


I'm Samuel from Bucharest, Romania. I'm new on this list but i'm a close
follower of the international news feeds on FOSS and other content alike
for more than 5 year.
I'm writing this entry to present something i think is a great idea on how
to transform the internet into a free and really open market.

The core ideaz of this project are:

   - It would be nice to have an worldwide publicly available data on
   products and services request;
   - It would be nicer if worldwide trading would be made in a much
   transparent environment;
   - It would be more interesting to have a general worldwide public data
   on the global market.

So around these issues the WWT project is oriented.

I'v presented the project in a few words here and for the moment i'm looking for
some observations from other people who are familiar with the free software
movement. I'v talked with a few programmers in Bucharest who find the
project interesting, and i'm trying to find other opinions on it.

To be honest, I really like this idea but if its something interesting just
in my opinion, I would leave it and not get involved in development around

Thanks in advance for any comment.
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