Conferencia Internacional de Software Libre Cuba

Albrecht M├╝hlenschulte albrecht at
Mon Nov 16 14:00:48 UTC 2015

On 16 Nov 2015, at 13:15, MJ Ray wrote:
> Carsten Agger wrote:
>> But first, in order to plan it, I'm going to need some dates :-)
> says 25-27 April 2016.  Bit of a blooper
> omitting that from the announcement posted here.
Sorry, that one's on me, 25-27th of April is the date.

> I enjoyed visiting Cuba years ago but I caution anyone going there to
> expect randomness and try to have several alternative plans for 
> getting
> anything important done because life seems much much more 
> unpredictable
> there than Europe.  Usually not bad - just unpredictable.
;) I guess that's still true, but the cuban part of the team will do 
  possible to make things run smoothly.


PS: we'll put up traveling recommendations on the page soon(ish).

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