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Wed Nov 11 09:07:21 UTC 2015

Hi David

El 11/11/15 a las 08:46, David Rabel escribió:
> Hi there,
> in the next time I'm going to spend some time in Spain and so I wondered
> if there are many people interested in Free Software there, especially
> in Valencia, where I am at the moment.
> The mailing list fsfe-es seems somewhat abandoned and it is not easy to
> find information on the internet because my spanish is still not too good.
> But I as far as I noticed, Free Software should be kind of a big thing
> in Spain.

Welcome to Spain!

I'm FSFE fellow, and live in Madrid. I don't know any other fellows here
:/ If you happen to come to Madrid and want to meet, sign GPG keys and
have a coffee, drop a line.

There is an active community about free software in public
administrations in Spain, the 'forum' that I know is the mailing list, we
post in Spanish but if you post in English I'm sure you'll receive
answers and pointers to Free software people in Valencia.

There are Debian Developers in Valencia, as far as I know, maybe you
want to write to to ask.

There is an association of free software related companies in the
Community of Valencia, (in Spanish) and email
info at

GvSIG, the famous free software geographical information system, was
born in Valencia and it has a strong community there. The website of the
association GvSIG is in several languages (including English) and they
will hold an international Congress in Valencia next December:

Finally, the autonomous government of Valencia leads the "Lliurex"
GNU/Linux distro. Last May there was the V Congress of free software of
Valencia, maybe you can online-translate the page of the program, or
scrap the names of the speakers and contact them:

If I remember another related links, I'll post them to the list.


Laura Arjona Reina

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