[32C3] Call for sessions at FSFE assembly - December 27-30

Erik Albers eal at fsfe.org
Mon Nov 9 18:20:49 UTC 2015

Dear community,

>From December 27-30 2015, there will be the 32nd Chaos Communication Congress
(32C3) [1] in the Congress Center of Hamburg where FSFE is happy to host an
"assembly". Such assemblies are community organised spaces inside the congress
and the FSFE assembly [2] will offer an information booth, self-organised
sessions and a sitting corner for all friends of Free Software to come
together, meet or simply relax.

To foil the title of this years CCC ("Gated Communities"), we are delighted to
offer our community some self-organised sessions at our assembly and we look
forward to your contributions. Depending on your session they will either take
place directly at our assembly or in a dedicated workshop room. These sessions
can be hands-on workshops, inspiring talks, community or developer meetings or
any other public activity.
Topics can be anything that is related to Free Software, from your private
project to global communities. We welcome technical talks as well as we
encourage to give non-technical talks to address philosophical, political or
economic backgrounds of Free Software / Free Society.

If you are interested in hosting a session, please apply no later than
* Sunday, November 22, 18:00 UTC *

by sending an email to eal at fsfe.org with the subject "Session at 32C3"
including a short description and/or slides that you like to use so we have a
rough idea what your session is about.

If your session is accepted we happily take care of its proper organisation,
publicity and everything else that needs to be done. You are then welcome to
simply come and give/host your session : )

BTW: You do not need to be a Fellow of FSFE to host a session. Please feel
free to share this email with your friends or your favorite mailing list.

Looking forward to your proposals,

[1] https://events.ccc.de/congress/2015/wiki/Main_Page

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