India: free software mandatory for public offices

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Mon Nov 2 19:32:27 UTC 2015

Howdy all,

The push for software freedom in government continues.

    With this announcement, the Indian Govt. is following the steps of
    nations like Germany and UK. The financial benefit of using open
    source is the primary reason behind the drive. “Organizations
    worldwide have adopted innovative alternative solutions in order to
    optimise costs by exploring avenues of “Open Source Software”. GoI
    has also been promoting the use of open source technologies in the
    e-Governance domain within the country in order to leverage economic
    and strategic benefits.” – the charter reads.

    “Adopt open standards and promote open source and open
    technologies”, it boldly states.

    The nature of compliance has been set to “mandatory” indicating the
    Govt. is serious on implementing the policy. All public facing
    offices would be required to follow the same.


This clearly could not have happened without popular groups in India
pushing for it for a long time. In turn, that has happened because of
inspiration from similar success in European countries.

Thank you again to everyone in FSFE, please keep promoting software
freedom for all citizens of the world!

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Ben Finney

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