google blocks tor-fs-community, is that ok?

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Wed May 13 18:27:56 UTC 2015

On 13/05/15 20:09, Tom Blecher wrote:
> Hi,
> I can not reach the community resources of a free software provider, namely its google-serviced support mailing list. 
> Google prevents in the end everybody to get an access account anonymously. (something that I consider to be evident)
> I ask how would that be commented in relation with the topic of this mailing list: 
> Then question to you: Is that ok? What could I do or expect?

I've noticed that Google's spam filters sometimes put my messages to
various mailing lists into the spam / moderation queue.  This has
happened recently with the Jitsi dev list and the Prosody users list.

It is a pain for the list administrators too.

We organized a birthday party for my wife recently and some random
percentage of email invitations to users ended up in spam
folders but other people received them OK.

It seems like somebody switched on SkyNet[1] by mistake and its first
target is innocent email.


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