Where to find study material: case studies on free software compliance

Tom Blecher blecher.tom201645 at yandex.com
Sun May 10 09:36:36 UTC 2015

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Hi there,
first the question:
How could one check/prove/study if case abc is compliant to free license xyz?
Or:Is there any material posed for self study such things, e.g. in order to prepare for such discussions? I mean as in any other legal areas?
“Rules-of-thumb for laypersons” or some “schematic checklist as usually provided for any-laws’-students” that is I searched for…
Or: how can one start becoming legal adviser of fsf?

background of it:
This problem is a layer of a bundle problem discussed previously in the chat and then it was said to ask it here on the list:
Here you can see the status quo of my investigations.
So netiquette conform I need to ask one layer by one, starting with this.
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