Free and open platforms in education (was Re: New MOOC about Free Software and Free Digital Society.)

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2015-05-05 0:00 GMT+03:00 Paul Boddie <paul at>:

> I noticed that Eliademy documents importing from Moodle, but we're all
> interested in import and export, of course. ;-)
Yes. That's why I hope they will export the course in COmmon Cartridge
format for me.

But if it does not work for some reason - I just will create it in my own
Moodle instance.

Sadly, proprietary systems like Fronter (owned by Pearson, but with
> Norwegian
> origins and receiving a degree of favoritism) are widely used, although I
> did
> notice that my former employer had chosen FutureLearn [1], which is also
> proprietary as far as I can tell. Moodle doesn't seem to be that widely
> used,
> and I can envisage pressure being applied to existing users to switch to
> something proprietary that "everyone else is using".
> What I've seen is that adopting "packaged" proprietary solutions is often
> justified on cost-reduction grounds, but the IT budget and burden still
> manages to increase. I guess I should summarise some of my observations in
> blog form: it won't be very encouraging reading, though.
> Paul
> [1]

It would be great if you make a post about these issues. I will be able to
point Eliademy guys there - they use Moodle as a core.

Fantastic thing will be to convince them to make their platform free.

WBR & WBW, Vitaly
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