Free and open platforms in education (was Re: New MOOC about Free Software and Free Digital Society.)

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Thanks for the response.

2015-05-04 18:35 GMT+03:00 Paul Boddie <paul at>:

> Just taking the discussion in perhaps another direction than you
> anticipated,
> it seems that Eliademy (why do modern brand names have to be so awful?)
> isn't
> itself a Free Software platform, which is a shame, and I think that's what
> you're acknowledging above. In the various education sectors, there's a big
> push to introduce "e-learning" platforms and other cloud-based services,
> and
> there's a lot of unhappiness [1] with many of them.
Yes. You right. This is the reason why the course materials are made
and a separate web site is launched for the course materials. I do not see
big value to have
the course about Digital Freedom hosted only in one (and non free)

I think the goal shall be to have materials available for as more platforms
as it's possible.
And it shall be easily installable. That's the reason I want to publish the
course later in Common Cartridge format.

Can't do it right now because the videos for last 2 weeks are not ready as
well as quizes.

Ideal distribution for me is to have kind of 1-click install for the course
in Moodle and other LMSes.

All the suggestion are welcome. As of now I am aware only about Common
format as a common denominator between different platforms.

> To give an example of the risks to free and open platforms, Microsoft are
> in
> the process of sewing up the Norwegian higher education sector with their
> Office 365 and related offerings, with all the inherent competition,
> privacy
> and control issues that will result. The latter issues are waved away as
> paranoia, unbelievably, whereas Microsoft are probably still imposing a
> Windows tax at some level or other in the Norwegian education sector,
> albeit
> not now so brazenly (as in the way Microsoft and Intel colluded before
> their
> illegal bundling practices were curtailed, at least in the US).
> Anyway, I hope that your course gets a wide distribution on sustainable e-
> learning platforms, too. :-)
Which free and open platforms are used currently in Norway in educational
section?  Moodle, I guess?
Anything else which I can make my course to be compatible with?

WBR & WBW, Vitaly
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