[Free Software Leaflet] Issue in heading

Cezary Drak cezary.drak at ii.uj.edu.pl
Sun Mar 22 12:09:25 UTC 2015


I've recently get promotional material (thank you very much for it!) and
when I was reading leaflets, I've came across heading in Free Software
leaflet[1] which have in my opinion quite big merit issue.

Heading says "Free as in Freedom not as in Free Beer". Capitalization of
Free Beer pointing unambiguously to brewing project[2], which is 100% free
as in speech. I suggest changing capitalization, or even example of "not
free as in freedom" subject.

I also want to start a discussion about capitalization in general. I
permit myself to quote Michal Nazarewicz's mail from Translators list[3]:

>PS. For the record I want to say that I hate capitalisation of Free
>Software, Open Standards, etc.  Even FSF stopped doing that, and IMO it
>looks terrible especially in Polish.  Yet, FSFE for some reason (perhaps
>because it was started in Germany?) still uses that.

Best regards,
Cezary Drak

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_Beer

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