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Thu Mar 19 23:01:56 UTC 2015

El 19 de marzo de 2015 10:40:26 GMT+00:00, Nicolas JEAN <jean at> escribió:
>Hi Andrés,
>On 18/03/2015 23:09, Andrés Muñiz Piniella wrote:
>> El 18 de marzo de 2015 16:15:58 GMT+00:00, Nicolas JEAN
><jean at> escribió:
>>> It is not without emotion that I come to announce to you today the
>>> availability as Free Software of some code we have been developing -
>>> and extensively using - here at Que Choisir.
>> Sounds amazing! can it be used to automate jobs in desktop via a gui?
>Or is the focus purely on web admin/ server stuff? Is it like a free
>(faif)  version of IfThisThenThat?
>Thanks for your cheering!
>To answer your question:
>- I don't know about IfThisThenThat, and if is the 
>one, I'm not sure I understand exactly what it does... Can you give us 
>more insight / info / use cases on this?

Well, I have not used it since what I read on their web page some time ago was pretty scary since it seems one needs to give login password to your service. Most of the services provided are proprietary as well. I'll give you some examples

IF you get an email from CompanyA THEN after certain time THAT use twitter service to say 'I got news from CompanyA'

IF new song from certain band came out on RSS feed THEN look for song on youtube until is there THAT is posted spotify or write up some statistics on Google docs.

Or something of the sort. Anyway I really don't recommend it.

>Maybe if you'd like to describe us a common workflow you can have in 
>IfThenThanThat, I could work on having it using evQueue, and present it
>in the use cases.

A use case for desktop is when I plug my phone to the computer look for the new files such as pictures and back them up into the computer. If later I plug an external hard drive do another backup there.

Take set of pictures of one day bundle them up into a short 30 sec video. Search cc hits for a song of the day and bundle it up into the 30 sec video. Send video via encrypted comms to family (request password).The Song and pace of images chosen automatically either random or related via photo recognition. 

Use your computer over a month. At the end of the month spit out some statistics as to how you spent your time. If on average after 1.00 hrs your random reading on Wikipedia is higher than needed for next time you know you are better off in bed. Maybe have a way to monitor traffic in home in case you use tablet or phone too much?

Basically all that stuff that some people do with clever scripts, addons on webbrowsers and email filtering and mush it all. I guess it would only be programs that have good man pages an command line instructions?

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