To Git or not to Git? (Was: Yet another piece of Free Software released into the world :))

Nicolas JEAN jean at
Thu Mar 19 14:19:35 UTC 2015

Hello Michael,

On 19/03/2015 14:33, Michael Kesper wrote:
> Am 19.03.2015 um 14:16 schrieb Nicolas JEAN:
>> We haven't got any versioning system anywhere yet. But yes, all source
>> code and packages are on the website.
>> I guess we're waiting to see how the project is taken on, if people use
>> it, if they are willing to adapt it somehow and modify the code.
>> Probably when we get contacted with some evolution ideas and patches
>> we'll feel it's the time to open the development.
> That's the wrong way round, I guess in 2015.
> Put it on a git site and wait for pull requests.
> I'd guess nobody would want to touch any project without version
> control anymore today.

I was expecting this comment. Still I don't have a straight answer to it.
Probably you're right about this.

Although I use a lot of Free Software from various sources in my
everyday job/life/activities, I've never (version-control-)committed to
any of them.
I've posted plenty of comments and bug reports. Chatted with developers
on IRC.
But maybe that's me not being 2015 :)

All in all, your comment urges us to create a git repo somewhere.
And I can't find a reason why this would be a bad thing :)


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