Yet another piece of Free Software released into the world :)

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Wed Mar 18 22:09:02 UTC 2015

El 18 de marzo de 2015 16:15:58 GMT+00:00, Nicolas JEAN <jean at> escribió:
>Dear Free Software fans,
>It is not without emotion that I come to announce to you today the 
>availability as Free Software of some code we have been developing -
>extensively using - here at Que Choisir.
>I'm posting here under the announcement we came up with and will keep
>otherwise short.
>If you know of any website that would fancy publishing this kind of 
>news, let me hear it :)
>= Announcement =
>EvQueue is a free and open source task scheduler and queueing engine.
>It handles the planning of simple tasks but also that of workflows, 
>chaining basic pieces of code to more complex endeavours.
>The description of how tasks are linked together is based on XML and 
>XPath, making workflow structure rely on standard and well-known 
>EvQueue's queueing engine is written in C++ and is event-driven, making
>it leightweight and very fast.
>The web interface is written in PHP. It allows monitoring of running 
>tasks and workflows, new workflows creation (including a GUI mode), and
>tasks scheduling.
>Alongside the web interface, evQueue exposes a network API allowing 
>remote control (launch workflows, monitor tasks...).
>Execution of heavy tasks is indeed a recurring issue in web systems, 
>where clients behave in an asynchronous fashion.
>Using evQueue solves this issue by offering a simple follow-up system 
>through AJAX calls on the client side, and an excellent visibility for 
>system administrators backstage.
>Documentation on how to install and use evQueue, as well as workflow 
>examples, are available on the evQueue website.
>EvQueue is being developped and maintained by the IT department of 
>French consumer-protection NGO /UFC-Que Choisir/.
>It is published under a Free Software license since March 2015.
>It has been used in a production environment by the organisation's IT 
>for almost three years; to date, more than four millions workflows have
>been executed.
>Official website:

Sounds amazing! can it be used to automate jobs in desktop via a gui? Or is the focus purely on web admin/ server stuff? Is it like a free (faif)  version of IfThisThenThat?

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