Yet another piece of Free Software released into the world :)

Nicolas JEAN jean at
Wed Mar 18 16:15:58 UTC 2015

Dear Free Software fans,

It is not without emotion that I come to announce to you today the 
availability as Free Software of some code we have been developing - and 
extensively using - here at Que Choisir.

I'm posting here under the announcement we came up with and will keep it 
otherwise short.

If you know of any website that would fancy publishing this kind of 
news, let me hear it :)


= Announcement =

EvQueue is a free and open source task scheduler and queueing engine.
It handles the planning of simple tasks but also that of workflows, 
chaining basic pieces of code to more complex endeavours.
The description of how tasks are linked together is based on XML and 
XPath, making workflow structure rely on standard and well-known 

EvQueue's queueing engine is written in C++ and is event-driven, making 
it leightweight and very fast.
The web interface is written in PHP. It allows monitoring of running 
tasks and workflows, new workflows creation (including a GUI mode), and 
tasks scheduling.

Alongside the web interface, evQueue exposes a network API allowing 
remote control (launch workflows, monitor tasks...).
Execution of heavy tasks is indeed a recurring issue in web systems, 
where clients behave in an asynchronous fashion.
Using evQueue solves this issue by offering a simple follow-up system 
through AJAX calls on the client side, and an excellent visibility for 
system administrators backstage.

Documentation on how to install and use evQueue, as well as workflow 
examples, are available on the evQueue website.

EvQueue is being developped and maintained by the IT department of 
French consumer-protection NGO /UFC-Que Choisir/.
It is published under a Free Software license since March 2015.
It has been used in a production environment by the organisation's IT 
for almost three years; to date, more than four millions workflows have 
been executed.

Official website:
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