Paul van der Vlis paul at
Wed Mar 11 21:05:52 UTC 2015


Facebook has released OpenBMC. I would call it an "IPMI server". There
are free IPMI clients, but no free IPMI server implementation [1].

In my opinion this is very good news for people who have a server in a
datacenter. IPMI offers out-of-band management, e.g. a serial console
over ethernet.

At the moment, each vendor has it's own propriatary out-of-band system,
I hope this will change now.

With regards,
Paul van der Vlis.

[1] that's not completely true, but the people behind the only free
implementation that was available, called CoreIPM, did not respond to
anything. So far I know it's a dead project.

Paul van der Vlis Linux systeembeheer, Groningen

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