Is standardization deemed to be against FS and how can it be tackled?

Tom Blecher blecher.tom201645 at
Tue Jun 16 10:46:29 UTC 2015

Hi Scott,

> On Saturday 13. June 2015 12.08.39 Scott Wilson wrote:
>>  (The only thing I’d like to note is that its important not to confuse
>>  software freedom for users with financial costs for developers.

Nobody questioned that.
The former is a formal, legal hindrance, yet. Meanwhile the latter is a
hidden one, but by no means less effective one.
Focusing on the latter does not affect_ the former, on the other hand. sic.

>Its easy
>>  to get exercised by having to pay €50 for a standards document, but if
>>  that standard can be implemented without encumbrance, and the
>>  implementation freely shared, modified and distributed by users then it
>>  better supports FOSS principles than a standard that is free to download,
>>  read and implement, but which incurs licensing costs or usage restrictions
>>  on users.)

So there is no point calling the one problem "better" then the other.
You do not gain one at cost of the other, neither.
But you could imaging that their is a gaiming intelligence behind, that choose the one "weapon" instead of the other.
Well for free software this is sure, as a term, for fossy one the interest situation could be different, but it is to express that I do _not feel easy with it, at all.
Why not open a club Industries-only-open-software. IOOSy? Hey be realistic!

So the next one who says open source to mine, referring to gpl kind stuff, is getting sued.  (; Lets put it in gpl_v4.
Have fun anyway

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