Is standardization deemed to be against FS and how can it be tackled?

Michael Kesper mkesper at
Thu Jun 4 20:00:10 UTC 2015

Hi Tom,

Am 01.06.2015 um 17:07 schrieb Tom Blecher:
> Hi Michael,
> it is the same definition of document-freedoms-day, rigth?
> And therefore even knowing its wording in two languages I can not make
> out what might be their position on fee charging for my special case, as
> explained in my previous posts in this threads.
> Thanks for compassion.
> And
> Regards
> Ps: Could not be there more explicit examples, as it _is over more a
> campaign to the public?

The points are about contents and ways of improving standards.
The issue of money for the paper really seems very small against all the
possible pitfalls for implementing them.

Best wishes

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