Comments-On-Reda-Report: tackling ISO circumvention btw?

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Tue Jul 14 07:35:54 UTC 2015

Dear Tom,

On 10/07/15 01:06, Tom Blecher wrote:
> -So even if ones (mine) picture of the legislation system of the EU is not that detailed, one understands that
> they are updating the copy-right law once again on a original request of MEP Julia Reda, who is supposed to be from our own people, to say from german pirates-party. Right?

The European Commission plans indeed to reform the copyright directive
of 2001 [1] as part of the Digital Single Market strategy [2]. If I'm
correct, that's the Commission which asked for the opinion of the
European Parliament and made Reda responsible of the report.

> Question: Where is this report to be read? In the article they speak of each point of it but I can reach the text itself. Is that intended somehow, I ask. ?

You can find the different versions of the report (draft presented by
Reda, text as voted by the Committee and final version) on the European
Parliament's website [3]. The final vote in plenary session took place
on last July 9th.


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