New LibreOffice for Android app

Sam Tuke contact at
Wed Jan 21 13:35:41 UTC 2015

Hi all,

A new LibreOffice for Android app has been released today. If you're
interested, please check it out and consider writing a review. I'm
helping to promote the news for the Document Foundation and Collabora,
who led development of the app.

More about the app:

* Free Software license: MPL 2.0 [1]
* Supports documents, spreadsheets and basic presentations
* Handles ODF and MS Office files, including templates
* Touch interface
* Available from the Google Play store, apks via apk download sites [2]
* Submitted to F-Droid app store
* Currently beta status


* Doesn't support Android Honeycomb or below
* Takes a lot of space (~140mb)
* Built-in file viewer reads only internal SD storage
* Can't open quite a few documents for various reasons

Hopefully there will be weekly updates to the app with improvements and
some new features.




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