France requires non-proprietary format for ebooks

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Mon Jan 26 19:46:14 UTC 2015

Nicolas JEAN <jean at> writes:

> So as a mea culpa, let me give a translation for it:

Thank you for that work.

> As Nico said, this appendix to the law text is named "Agreement
> between the 'permanent writers council' and the national publishers
> union", and a.k.a. something like "best practices" (Code des usages).

I'm still no wiser as to who is affected by this law and what exactly
they're required to do.

Can someone please give a broader context for this, for someone who
knows nothing of the specific institutions named here?

That is, what would you put in a press release for a foreign audience
who knew nothing about the prior situation nor the French legal system
nor the specifics of these institutions? What is the good news?

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