France requires non-proprietary format for ebooks

Nicolas JEAN jean at
Mon Jan 26 13:35:34 UTC 2015

On 26/01/2015 00:31, Ben Finney wrote:
> Jil Larner <jil.larner at> writes:
>> Just to let you know that since December, 1st, editors must provide at
>> least a non proprietary format for ebooks. While it's written in one of
>> the lowest level of laws, it applies to everyone.
> Can you explain what the law actually requires, and of whom? Which
> particular people are required to do what?
> Thank you for bringing news of legislation requiring freedom.

Hi Jil,

I searched both links (in French) for "propri├ętaire", "format", "drm", 
"ouvert" (open) and "├ęditeur" without success; I can't find any 
information about a mandatory open format, or anything about formats 

@Jil or @Nico Rikken, can you quote the exact part of the text you're 
referring to? I can then translate for everyone if necessary.


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