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Tue Feb 10 12:15:43 UTC 2015

Hi together,

# Sam Tuke <contact at> [10.02.2015 @ 11:28]:
> Yes the new app is an official version of LibreOffice for Android. Other
> differences:
> * OO Reader currently has more features
> * OO Reader includes in-app advertising in the Play Store version
> * LO Viewer uses LibreOffice, not OpenOffice code
> * LO Viewer has ~weekly releases
> * LO Viewer will become a full editor in time
> I know more about LO Viewer than OO Reader, and may have missed other
> important differences (recommend you check the documentation of the latter).

I also have both apps. In addition to Sam's list:
* Both have a similar performance in my tests
* LO Reader needs much more disk space than OO Reader
* OO Reader has some display problems with odt and ods files. For
  example missing page headers or wrong width of spreadsheet columns.
* Vice versa I noticed no display bugs with LO Reader so far, even with
  more complex documents

Hopefully the space requirements do not grow too much in future versions
of LO. If they can regulate that, it'll become a very good reader (and
editor) indeed.


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