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Tue Feb 10 10:28:00 UTC 2015

Hi Antonello,

Yes the new app is an official version of LibreOffice for Android. Other

* OO Reader currently has more features
* OO Reader includes in-app advertising in the Play Store version
* LO Viewer uses LibreOffice, not OpenOffice code
* LO Viewer has ~weekly releases
* LO Viewer will become a full editor in time

I know more about LO Viewer than OO Reader, and may have missed other
important differences (recommend you check the documentation of the latter).

Currently work is in progress to add editing features to LO Viewer as a
result of The Document Foundation contracting companies to develop those

Both apps are in the F-Droid app store.



On 10 February 2015 08:22:23 CET, "Antonello Lobianco (not reply)"
<blackhole at> wrote:

    Hello, how this compare with the "OpenDocument reader" of Thomas
    Taschauer (that,despite the name, can also do some basic edits) ?

    Is this /the/ "official" port ?


    On 21 January 2015 at 14:30, Sam Tuke <contact at
    <mailto:contact at>> wrote:

        Hi all,

        A new LibreOffice for Android app has been released today. If you're
        interested, please check it out and consider writing a review. I'm
        helping to promote the news for the Document Foundation and
        who led development of the app.

        More about the app:

        * Free Software license: MPL 2.0 [1]
        * Supports documents, spreadsheets and basic presentations
        * Handles ODF and MS Office files, including templates
        * Touch interface
        * Available from the Google Play store, apks via apk download
        sites [2]
        * Submitted to F-Droid app store
        * Currently beta status


        * Doesn't support Android Honeycomb or below
        * Takes a lot of space (~140mb)
        * Built-in file viewer reads only internal SD storage
        * Can't open quite a few documents for various reasons

        Hopefully there will be weekly updates to the app with
        improvements and
        some new features.



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