education flyer suggestions

Paul Boddie paul at
Tue Dec 15 11:54:44 UTC 2015

On Tuesday 15. December 2015 12.34.55 Paul Sutton wrote:
> Kids ruby is free software and has source code
> available,  not sure if it is GPL 2 or 3,  I think it may be.
> Scratch is designed for complete beginners and ruby is a nice step up
> from that perhaps then python as the next step up from there.

I know that there is a certain amount of work going into Python-related 
projects in this area. There's Reeborg, for instance:

And the BBC Micro Bit will apparently support running Micropython:

Of course, the Micro Bit illustrates some of the problems faced when 
recommending technology: it's being developed in a closed project, it will 
only be generally available "at some point", and it might not be open hardware 
even after being made available for sale. (And a notorious proprietary 
software vendor is one of the project partners, of course.)

Maybe case studies are an interesting strategy for the flyer, although they 
may also seem like recommendations for those wanting a ready-to-use solution, 
and so caution is still required.


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