[offtopic request] info on EU secret services?

Nico Rikken nico.rikken at fsfe.org
Sun Dec 13 11:06:54 UTC 2015

This is an offtopic request I'd like to put to your attention as you
seem to be the right audience.

At the Dutch digital rights organization Bits of Freedom[1] a comparison
is being made by Christina van Kuijk on how the different secret
services compare on a variety of topics. These include authorizations,
data retention policies, international collaboration, and oversight.

[1] https://www.bof.nl/home/english-bits-of-freedom/

Currently there is mostly a language barrier hindering this research,
mostly for Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Austria, and France.

To me this seems to be right up our alley, in addition to international
efforts of EDRI, and I hope some of you can help provide some
information on these issues.

If you want to contribute you can contact me, or Evelyn
evelyn.austin at bof.nl from BoF directly.

Kind regards,
Nico Rikken (NL)

P.S. If you find this plug inappropriate, of good, please let me know,
so I known for future occasions.
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