Sharing free code in 2015 (and 2016, 2017, ...)

Florian Weimer fw at
Sun Aug 23 12:53:02 UTC 2015

* Christian Kalkhoff:

> GNU and nonGNU could be an option yet I think that the TOS are too
> harsh in demanding the software not being linked against non-free
> libraries or (only) run on non-free operating systems, which AFAIK
> would e.g. forbid to integrate Software hosted there with
> proprietary software like MS Outlook or builds for Android/Linux or
> Sailfish OS (not to speak of iOS).

I suspect this could be negotiated if necessary.

There is also Alioth (from Debian), the Apache and Eclipse foundations
(which are pretty heavyweight on process).  And Gitlab is at least
open core.

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