Italian universities started to sell students' privacy to big corps through email accounts

Florian Weimer fw at
Sun Aug 23 10:57:14 UTC 2015

* Valentino Santori:

> I would like to report a very bad situation for student's privacy in
> the public education system, here in Italy. Many universities, and as
> far as I know even high schools, are migrating from self-hosted mail
> servers to propietary, big-corp's owned email accounts. This without
> any chance to refuse the creation of this account, because this is
> created during the subscription to the faculty, and without any
> privacy agreement.

There is a privacy agreement, the question is whether you like it.

>From a privacy perspective, the move from self-hosted mail service to
an external managed service might not be a regression.  Few
universities can afford the required resources to run secure mail
servers and detect compromised user accounts.  It's a complex

I also don't think this has to do much with free software, so it's
probably off-topic for this list.

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