Two are more expensive more than one?

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Fri Aug 21 12:42:08 UTC 2015

It seems that the ZDnet article is almost "partial". There are various articles in Italian who try to clarify the position of the municipality. This one, for ex.:

sorry, it is in Italian only!
Substantially it says that an attempt of estimation of TCO by the municipality IT manager, have been taken and mystified by Microsoft to create the report.
The journalist go deep in the reports of expenses of the municipality and found that the budget estimated for the migration effectively was of about 300K€ but they used no more than 1/10! The project of migration was never completed.
The journalist argue an errata corrige by Microsoft ;-)


Il 20 agosto 2015 07:56:24 CEST, Matthias Kirschner <mk at> ha scritto:
>You probably saw this article already
>First of all I think it makes no sense to talk about ownership when you
>talk about services. You can say total cost of operations. But that is
>different than when you own something.
>My second question (I hope some Italian speakers can clarify): Do they
>really compare the costs for running Microsoft Office and Apache
>OpenOffice in parallel with just running Microsoft Office??
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