Two are more expensive more than one?

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> > I wonder what kind of cost there can be for free software other than
> > deployment costs --- the paragraph that immediately follows seems to
> > suggest that training of staff is included ind deployment costs:
> > (...)
> It's relatively normal practice, that organization which
> deploys F/OSS pays for consulting and eventual software engineering
> services (to tweak or patch the software in case of need).

Wouldn't consulting be included in “deployment costs”?

But you're right, it's possible that the 7% are about software
modifications. But in that event: IIRC was modified
(thanks to free software licenses!) in order to accomodate with
proprietary specificities of MS Office.

So including these costs in the cost of using Free Software is
misleading to say the least. The calculation would have been better
off by calculating the savings of the free software license allowing
modification compared to paying the proprietary software vendors'

I'm just saying that it seems that any single “fact” of that article
can be explored to show how misconstructed the argument is.

> In case of vendors like Red Hat or MariaDB this can be included
> in subscription / license fee or it can be an extra cost.

Yes, that's right. Are there such business models on
providing services in Italy?

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