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> Il 2015-08-20 17:28 André Ockers ha scritto:
> >
> >Sidenote:
> >They appearantly also ditch open standards.
> >Is there in Italy no government law or guideline that says use open
> >standards, as a government body, unless there is a real reason (like we
> >have in the Netherlands)?
> Yes. there are guidelines. They are part of CAD (Codice Amministrazione
> Digitale) and PA *should* provide real reasons for adopting proprietary
> software instead of free software.
> Maybe it's the case for an association to ask to enforce it.

And compared to the Netherlands, that guideline was even supposed to have
"teeth". Out of the FSFE news item [1] back then:

  "Importantly, the new rules come with a mechanism to ensure they are
  followed. Both public bodies and the interested public can ask the
  Italian Digital Agency to check if a given organisation is following
  the correct procedure. Administrative courts can annul decisions that
  contradict these rules. In case of negligence, individual public
  servants may be held personally liable."




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