From Oracle's Chief Security Officer: one of the finest marketing posts for free software I've seen in 2015

Alessandro Rubini rubini at
Tue Aug 11 19:00:20 UTC 2015

> This is an ... amazing piece. This Oracle executive (read: someone who
> is high up enough that their words won't be edited) seriously thought
> this made Oracle look competent and trustworthy:

I'm sorry, I don't get the point of it. And your point, either.
> It's one of the finest marketing posts for Postgres, and for free
> software in general,

Really? If security experts can lough and claim they are incompetent
(with no audience following), other people will just stop reading
aftre 2 paragraphs.  If it wasn't *you* suggesting the read, I would
have done the same.

The thing is so long, boring and pointless that I don't think anybody
will read it completely. And those who do will soon repent and forget
it all with no effort.

And yes, "This Oracle executive seriously thought this made Oracle
look competent and trustworthy".  Just like when microsoft was the
only monopoly and they claimed: "yes we care about security: 5000 of
our programmers are going to attend security courses".  They *did*
look competent and trustworthy (unlike this time). We laughed. The
three of us. And that's it.

But most likely I didn't get the point about this post. Can you please

> I suggest circulating it widely.

I sent it to the oracle slaves I know (the ones that want to get
free), but with the caveat that I didn't know why I forwarded the


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