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Erik Albers eal at fsfe.org
Tue Apr 28 14:52:48 UTC 2015

Sorry, I forgot the links:

[1] https://fsfe.org/contribute/spreadtheword.en.html#promo-material
[2] https://fsfe.org/contribute/spreadtheword.en.html#gnupg-leaflet

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Betreff: Re: HOW-TO?: Merchandise booth at RMS event
Datum: Tue, 28 Apr 2015 16:48:02 +0200
Von: Erik Albers <eal at fsfe.org>
Organisation: Free Software Foundation Europe
An: Jann Eike Kruse <jannkruse at fsfe.org>
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Hi Jann,

Am 28/04/15 um 15:02 schrieb Jann Eike Kruse:
> There's a plan for R.M.Stallman to come to Greece next month to give
> some talks at the CommonsFest.info in Athens and later he might
> probably also give a talk and maybe a workshop at the University of Crete.

very interesting, thank you for sharing this.

> I was thinking to use this opportunity to present also the Fellowship
> of the FSFE (with a booth with some posters, fliers and other
> materials) and maybe some people will like to become FSFE fellows. At
> the moment I think I'm the only one here on Crete. (Or am I???)

I am not sure: You are also going to the commonsfest in Athens? Or you just
like to run a booth for the visit of RMS in Crete?

FSFE has a high interest to be represented on both occasions. We have a lot of
promotion material in English [1] and we have our GnuPG-Flyer [2] printable in

Now, given the short time, we have a problem to get the delivery in time.
However, we are able to send you two max-letters (a package needs at least 10
days, which will be too late).

That is, why I propose the following: We send you the max-letters with
leaflets and stickers (around 200 leaflets and 80 stickers). Please check our
PR-material [1] and let us know what you like to have.
Then, maybe you can print the Greek GnuPG-Leaflets directly in Greece? Can you
please check how much it would be to print these leaflets (210 × 396 mm)
locally in Athens or Crete (~500 pieces) ?

Furthermore, as soon as you let me know if we are talking about both events or
only the one in Crete, I can send a mail to all Fellows in Greece to let them
know what you are planning to do. In case they like to help out or support
you, they can get directly in contact with you. Sounds good? Then please send
me a draft that I can send around. Although you might be the only Fellow in
Crete, we definitely have some in Greece.

> Additionally I thought it would be a good opportunity to sell some
> merchandise of the FSF/FSFE, but I am not sure about the legal
> requirements of this.
> I believe, that I need to give receipts to the people that buy
> merchandise.
> Do I need to buy the merchandise and re-sell it?
> Or is it possible to get a set of merchandise provided by the FSFE and
> forward the income to the FSFE directly, finally shipping back all
> items that were not sold.

Please ask Rainer (in CC) directly, he is in charge of all merchandise
material and knows best what and how to do.

Thanks and best,

[1] https://fsfe.org/contribute/spreadtheword.en.html#promo-material
[2] https://fsfe.org/contribute/spreadtheword.en.html#gnupg-leaflet

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