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On 28 de septiembre de 2014 09:39:33 GMT+02:00, Daniel Pocock <daniel at> wrote:
>On 27/09/14 21:13, Otto Kekäläinen wrote:
>> Hello,
>> 2014-09-26 19:53 GMT+03:00 Guido Arnold <guido at>:
>>>> The club started 2 weeks ago and we have 13 children fron the 3rd
>>>> grade (9-year olds), they are progressing nicely and surprisingly
>>>> majority is girls!
>>> Wow, that's even better news! As you write "surprisingly", does that
>>> mean you won't tell us the secret how you did that?
>> The goal was to reach to children young enough that they haven't yet
>> "learned" the stereotypic role models that boys to tech and girls
>> don't. It was suprisingly easy to achieve. In the group there is no
>> trace of a sentiment that tech stuff or coding would be a boy thing.
>Stereotypes aside, are there any recommendations about how to
>communicate with children about the benefits of Free Software?

I have a 5 years old son. Since he began to play games in the mobile/computer, I've said to him that there are programs that only the one that wrote them can change or fix, and other programs, the free software ones, which can be changed, translated or fixed by anybody that knows how to. So I can translate the free software ones to Spanish, for example, and other friends take out ads, or find a solution when the program hangs (children are good stress testers, they learn quickly that devices hang!) But with the ones that are not free, we cannot do it even if we know how, because the writer does not allow us. So if he wants anything he has to go to him or her (not to me) to ask for it.

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