CodeWeek.EU - call for participation

Andres Muniz Piniella a75576 at
Sun Sep 28 07:35:16 UTC 2014

On 25/09/14 23:43, Guido Arnold wrote:
> I hope you all had a nice Software Freedom Day last weekend! :) And
> the next FS related event is already approaching...
> From Oct 11 to 17, there will be events throughout Europe where kids
> will learn to code [1].
> You will notice that Free Software is not endorsed on the codeweek
> webpage in any way or form. If Free Software is explained or even
> mentioned is up to those who conduct the workshops. The good thing is
> that most organizers will be grateful for any helping hand they can
> get
Thanks for this! Coderdojo in my area are not aware I think. Sadly they
have an event on the 11th of october about the use of scratch and I am
not around. I have however promised to give them promotional material
fsf (and fsfe!).

Enviado dese mi Ubuntu de sobremesa

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