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Guido Arnold guido at
Thu Sep 25 22:43:05 UTC 2014

Hello everybody!

I hope you all had a nice Software Freedom Day last weekend! :) And
the next FS related event is already approaching...

From Oct 11 to 17, there will be events throughout Europe where kids
will learn to code [1].

You will notice that Free Software is not endorsed on the codeweek
webpage in any way or form. If Free Software is explained or even
mentioned is up to those who conduct the workshops. The good thing is
that most organizers will be grateful for any helping hand they can

We would like to encourage everybody to participate in one of the
existing events to make sure that Free Software will not remain 
unknown to these kids. As they are already interested in coding, it
would be a shame if they wouldn't learn about Free Software, don't you

BTW: It's not too late to order promo material [2] for this! :)

FSFE's edu-team [3] will be happy to answer questions and concerns and
provide guidance or advise. 

Please also share this with anyone who might be interested!




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