Metaphors of Free Software

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Thu Sep 25 06:29:49 UTC 2014


Am 24.09.2014 15:19, schrieb Garreau, Alexandre:
> On 2014-09-24 at 12:29, Erik Albers wrote:
>> On 23/09/14 15:59, Hugo Roy wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Metaphors when done right can be powerful to convey an idea.
>>> There’s a short article with some good metaphors:
>>>          [...]
>>>          Democratic: a landslide
>>>          Like a democracy where anyone can set up their own country if they
>>>          don’t like the leader.
>> what is this for a democracy where I can just set up my own country if I do't
>> like the leader, haha ?
> Yeah, it’s more Anarchy with panarchy principles… but we call it
> Democratic because generally speaking people usually use it to speak
> about non-coercive systems. Actually “Anarchic” would better fit, but
> usually people like “Democratic”, even in its wrong meaning, and tend to
> dislike “Anarchic” or to understand it as “disorder” or “chaos”, because
> of lot of old counter-propaganda against anarchism
> (cf. /usr/share/doc/anarchism/html/secA1.html with `apt-get install
> anarchism' under Debian)

I believe in anarchism as much as in communism. (To be clear: not at all).
I'd vote strongly to let politics and religion out of metaphors for Free 


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