Announcing the LibreOffice Conference for 2015 in Aarhus, Denmark

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Wed Oct 22 10:24:45 UTC 2014

[1]The LibreOffice Conference for 2015 will take place in Aarhus,
Denmark, as a collaboration between the Document Foundation, the Danish
LibreOffice community, the FSFE local group and the municipality of
Aarhus. Also involved are the local hacker space and (hopefully) other
local free software groups. I personally will be involved as a community
contact, i.e. as the person with feet on the ground in Aarhus. The event
will be hosted by the municipality.

As the Document Foundation writes on its blog[2]:

    Aarhus WaterfrontBerlin, October 17, 2014 – The Document Foundation
(TDF) announces that the LibreOffice Conference 2015 will be jointly
organized by the Danish LibreOffice community in collaboration with
local F/OSS groups and the Aarhus municipality, and hosted at the brand
new Urban Media Space, from September 23 to September 25, 2015.

    In addition, on September 22 the LibreOffice community will gather
for several face-to-face meetings: Board of Directors, Advisory Board,
Engineering Steering Committee, and Certification Committee.

    Aarhus is a city of education, knowledge and research. Its
university is internationally recognized for its contributions within,
among other fields, social sciences, technology and science. Aarhus is
known to attract talented students from around the world which also
provides the city with a great diversity.

    “Hosting the LibreOffice Conference will be an exciting opportunity
for the entire Danish free software community”, says Leif Lodahl, a long
time leader of the Danish LibreOffice community, a founder of The
Document Foundation, and the architect of several large migration
projects to LibreOffice. “We are looking forward to welcoming
LibreOffice volunteers and advocates from every corner of the world”.

As the day comes nearer, I may well want to reach out to the wider FSFE
community to ask for assistance and support. I’m certainly excited to
see how it will  work out.

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