Petition to Mozilla: Remove DRM

Federico Bruni bruni at
Mon Oct 6 08:23:16 UTC 2014

Il 06 ottobre 2014 09:39:31 CEST, Hugo Roy <hugo at> ha scritto:
>Freedom of choice is a nice illusion when most users simply follow the
>default settings (and in most user-scenarios that means Firefox will
>get them DRM including a nonfree content decryption module).

IMO Firefox should warn the user and point her/him to a webpage explaining what DRM is. If the user doesn't care about freedom then of course he should be free to install the DRM software.

Freedom must be a choice otherwise it doesn't make sense.

But I understand your concern: FF is kind of supporting the idea of DRM, not to lose many users who will install DRM to keep using those websites.
Do you think that Firefox should/could fight against DRM? I don't have this expectation 

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