Petition to Mozilla: Remove DRM

Hugo Roy hugo at
Sun Oct 5 23:13:58 UTC 2014

↪ 2014-10-05 Sun 23:14, Pierre Schweitzer <pierre at>:
> Regarding the paid-for services using DRM (and HTML5 -
> work-in-progress here as well), I can quote France where we have two
> major services competing: Netflix & CanalPlay. Both are using DRMs and
> are about to switch to HTML5.

So Mozilla contributes to making the French market ready for DRM
on HTML5 for new players like Netflix and for CanalPlay.

If Netflix is now in France, it is very recent. As for CanalPlay,
it seems to me that their market share for videos on the web (or
vdeos on the internet entirely) is quite insignificant against
YouTube and ISP's TV offers. The analysis that Mozilla has no
choice and has to follow the market not to lose users is a very
narrow minded view of the situation.

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